Transportation Services

Transportation Services for Seniors in Humble, Texas

Looking for a senior transportation service near you? Our bus service is a complimentary service offered by the City of Humble for residents 55 years of age or older who live within the Humble city limits (incorporated Humble).

The bus service runs within the city of Humble from our senior center. It can be reserved by appointment and is provided on a first-come, first-serve basis, limited to one trip per day. Bus service can be used for medical appointments, trips to the grocery store, local stores, hair salons, pharmacies, banks, post offices, and almost anywhere within the city of Humble.

Registration is required for senior transportation services. Participants must have the cognitive and physical ability to get to and from the vehicle and their appointment site on their own. If not, a caretaker must be present. For more information or to check the availability of transportation for seniors, contact our main office.

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